Just like how the medicine we humans use to make us stronger or feel better progresses over time, so does veterinary medicine. This means that there might be new shots that your pets need to live a healthy life. There might also be other surgical procedures, which could help your dog heal from its sickness. Veterinary medicine has become more advanced over time and continues to progress as time goes on, even during a global pandemic. Knowing the medicine and shots that are safe for your pets is important, especially if you want them to live a healthy and long life.

Veterinary Medicine

Merial, a company dedicated to making medicine for pets, has launched Merial tech champions using selected veterinary technicians devoted to heartworm disease prevention. It has been said that the top list of toxins, which pets ingest is their owner’s medicine or pills. Keep in mind that our pets should never ingest medicine made for humans. Their average weight differs from humans, which can make it easy for them to overdose or stop breathing.

There is one specific type of medicine that the FDA has approved for our pets: Nexgard. This medicine is meant to prevent brown ticks from inflating your dog’s skin. This way, you know that your dog is safe from other viruses and diseases that they may have. This medicine also helps prevent ticks from being brought into your home, and you definitely will not have to be cleaning individual ticks out of your dog’s skin.

Veterinary medicine is constantly progressing and becoming stranger as time goes on; this is why it’s important for pet owners that you keep up with this sort of news. Many potential medicines could be coming out in the future, and if you aren’t paying attention, you could miss the opportunity to heal your pets. If you are looking for animal hospitals or vets in the GTA or Woodbridge, contact Hofmann Veterinary Clinic.