We have to look out for many things when it comes to making sure that our pets are staying safe and healthy. Many times we will pay close attention to changes in our pet’s behaviors or actions. We want to make sure that they stay themselves while still having that energy, which makes them unique. Our dogs mean the world to us, and they are a part of our families. If you have been hearing weird noises from your dogs after sneezing, such as grunting, snorts, or gurgles, this may indicate something is wrong with your dog.

There are many ways you can decipher a reverse sneeze in dogs, although it isn’t a common thing. A reverse sneeze or paroxysmal inspiration is exactly what it means, this is the opposite of a regular sneeze. During a reverse sneeze, your dog will pull air inward through its nose for several seconds. When your dog is taking in air, it sounds like they are gagging due to them extending their necks repeatedly. Many dog owners will have a moment of shock or panic, thinking that their dog is choking.

A reverse sneeze doesn’t just happen randomly, it is most common when a dog’s nasal passages have been irritated. Reverse sneezes are sometimes non-life-threatening but if you don’t take your dog to be checked up this can lead to severe health issues. There are many potential causes of reverse sneezing in your dog. This would include nasal drainage, allergens such as pollen, nasal mites, foreign objects such as plants or materials, or growths. Many times your dog will develop their own reverse sneeze from things that they have been exposed to.

Our dogs are our best friends and have been there for us during rough patches of our lives, they love us unconditionally. We can repay them for all that they have done by making sure they are healthy and safe. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your own pet is getting proper care. If you are looking for animal hospitals or vets in the GTA, contact Hofmann Veterinary Clinic.