A pet is akin to a human family member for most. When a loved one becomes sick, it can make you feel helpless, upset, and tender, and the same goes for when your furbaby feels under the weather. Fortunately, as there is a myriad of ways to aid humans when they’re ill, there are several methods to treat your sick pet when they’re unwell. 

Your car makes a significant difference in how your pet feels. Ensure you have the right tips and tools to aid your pet’s healing when they’re ill.

1. Keep Them Well-Groomed and Clean

Sick pets lack the motivation to keep themselves clean. It’s important to give them a helping hand with grooming in any way you can. Try gently brushing them daily and using a cotton ball to clean their ears, eyes, and mouths from bacteria. If your pet is completely bed-bound, use bedding for them that wicks urine away from their skin and fur to keep them clean. Bathe them, especially the rear area, in a sponge bath to keep bacteria and urine away and pat them completely dry. Invest in an indoor pet toilet for indoor animals with difficulty controlling their bladder. 

2. Have Them On A Bland Food Diet

If your pet is vomiting frequently or dealing with diarrhea, they most likely may not want to consume any food or water. However, you need to keep them fed and healthy, especially during this time. Introduce a fairly bland diet to your pet for about a day to two days when your pet is beginning to hold down food or water. A bland diet is much easier to digest and allows the animal to receive the proper protein and starch they need. Ensure your pet has easy access to fresh, clean water. Even if they’re vomiting, they absolutely need to stay hydrated.

3. Stay On Top Of Your Pet’s Medical Needs

Always ensure you’re following strict medication instructions for your pet to ensure they’re receiving the proper dosages. If they need to take three tablets per day, that most likely means spreading it out to give them one tablet every eight hours. If your pet is unable to keep food down or has no desire to eat at all, avoid planting the pill inside the food. That may risk what little interest they have in eating entirely. You may have to place the medication directly down their throat or discuss injectables with our vet in Etobicoke. Administering the medication may not be as easy as you expected. Our animal hospital in Brampton will help you with this to ensure your pet is receiving the proper care and medical aid they need.

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