Like humans, our pets can also become sick or have illnesses; there are also ways to treat them. If you love your pet, you know that the best thing you could do for them is get them to a vet or animal hospital. Whenever you detect that something may be wrong, you never want to wait it out and see whether their condition becomes better—making sure that they are healthy should be your top priority, especially when they are sick. There are many treatments and procedures which can help cure your pet’s heartworm. It takes time and patience in order to see successful results. 

Heartworm disease is a serious illness that is something you should never play around with. If you do not treat this as soon as you find out, your pet’s health and life could be at great risk. This disease is caused by a parasite, which is also known as Dirofilaria immitis; these parasites are often found near the heart. This parasite can affect important areas that surround the heart, these would include the pulmonary artery and adjacent large blood vessels which are in dogs. 

These parasites can rarely be found anywhere else in the circulatory system, female heartworms can range anywhere from 6-14 inches, and males are about half the size of females. These parasites are very dangerous and if they are not removed immediately, they can eat into your pet’s circulatory system. One dog could have as many as 300 heartworms present as soon as they are diagnosed. Adult heartworms can live up to five years and, during this time, make millions of offspring, also known as microfilariae. 

There are many reasons why taking your dog for regular checkups is important, which is one of them. There are many diseases and illnesses which your own pet could have, that is why it’s important to pay attention to any changes in their diets or personality. If you are looking for animal hospitals or vets in the GTA, contact Hofmann Veterinary Clinic.