Grooming is an important part of a pet’s overall health and wellness and is not just about keeping your furry friend looking fresh. Overlooking this crucial component of your pet’s overall care can impact their physical and mental well-being. The amount of grooming varies based on the type of animal you have and their coat. Grooming is also an important form of bonding between you and your pet that you can both look forward to.

Read on to discover the four reasons why grooming is so important for you and your pet.

1. Keeps Fleas and Ticks Away

Pets, especially outdoor animals, are highly susceptible to getting ticks and fleas. That is why grooming and bathing them is so important, as you may not even realize they have pests infesting their body. Although bathing and grooming alone may not be powerful enough to get rid of pests, these methods can be highly effective in preventing an infestation. If you know that they’re there, it will be far easier to spot them and remove the ones on the coat and fur of your pet.

2. Eliminates Their Discomfort

Just as humans get uncomfortable after neglecting showering and proper grooming, our pets experience the same discomfort. Brushing them can be rather soothing and removes dead hair, and skin cells, and can even stimulate new hair growth and promote natural oils on your pet’s skin. Brushing is also crucial to preventing the matting of the fur, which can be extremely itchy and irritating for your pet. Matting can even lead to sores and rashes if it is left untreated.

3. Prevents Ear Infections

Your pet’s ears should be regularly checked to prevent infections. Dogs are especially vulnerable to developing oxandrolone bodybuilding ear infections because of the hair in their ears. That is why it is recommended that dog owners keep the inside of their pet’s ears clean to prevent ear infections, ailments, and ear mites. Hofmann Veterinary Clinic is your animal hospital in Brampton for pet grooming services to keep your furbaby well-groomed and happy.

4. Protects Their Feet and Joints

Maintaining your pet’s nails is often the most overlooked part of grooming, but one of the most important. When a pet’s nails are too long and unkempt, they can make your animal far more uncomfortable and cause them pain, even bleeding, when they scratch themselves. Long nails also force pets to walk awkwardly on the sides of their feet, which can cause pain in their joints and even develop arthritis.

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