Dogs shed their fur often, but sometimes it appears to be happening more than often, which can be a problem. If your dog is shedding a large amount of fur, then it is clear that there might be something wrong, or just like us humans, they are under a lot of pressure or stress. Just like us humans, when we are under stress, we will begin to see unhealthy changes in our bodies, affecting how we live our lives. Your dog deserves to have a happy, healthy, and long life in which it can live in peace. Your dog should be shedding regular amounts of fur instead of shedding clumps.

We didn’t mention one thing that can affect the amount of fur your dog sheds, and this is a change in seasons. Weather changes are just as hard on humans as they are on our dogs, they may face stress or pressure trying to adjust to different climates. Changes in seasons do not only show a change in climate but also a change in our environment. Your dog will most likely shed more during the summer. This is because they don’t need such a large coat of fur to protect them from the heat. One way to reduce the amount your dog sheds is by investing in a good quality comb; it is important that you purchase one which will not allow fur to fly all around your house.

To help get rid of excess air that may lie on your dog’s skin, you can regularly give them baths. You should bathe your dogs in room temperature water during the summer; it will help eliminate any dead fur strands that may be lying on their healthy fur. Many times when dead fur is not properly extracted, this can stop your dog from growing new healthy fur to keep them warm during the winter. Keep your dogs calm, don’t put them in an environment where too much is going on. Stress can have a large impact on your dog’s body, just as it would affect any human.

There are many ways you can help your dog reduce the amount of fur they shed. It is especially important during the summer. Taking the time to take care of your dog’s fur will ensure that they can have a healthy and long life. Your dog’s fur should be able to grow back just in time for the cold winter months. If you are looking for animal hospitals or vets in Etobicoke and Woodbridge, make sure to contact Hofmann Veterinary Clinic.