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Dr. T. Hofmann  

Dr. Hofmann (Retired)
Dr. Hofmann graduated form the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph in 1968. From 1968-1977 he worked in a veterinary clinic in Etobicoke. In 1977 he opened his own practice, Hofmann Veterinary Clinic.

Dr. Ted Natanek  

Dr. Natanek
Dr. Ted Natanek graduated from Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) in Poland, in 1990 as a DVM. In 1990 he came to Canada and finished his exams and became licensed to practice in Canada in 1995. For 6 years, Dr. Natanek worked as a locum veterinarian in several relief clinics in Ontario. In 2002 Dr. Natanek took over and became the owner of HVC.

In his spare time Dr. Natanek enjoys mountain biking, sailing and photography.

Pat Watson  

Pat Watson
Pat was born in Windsor and attended St. Clair College, from where she graduated as a Veterinary Technician in 1991. For the following two years Pat worked at an emergency clinic in Winnipeg. Pat returned to Toronto and started to work for HVC in 1994.

Pat currently lives with six cats. Pat also enjoys to read and take pictures of the many travel destinations she has been to, including: Alaska (cruise), Ireland, Scotland, Florida, Kentucky, Vancouver, and California. Sometime in the future Pat is planning on going to England, where she will most likely read more books and take more pictures.
Dawn Bartzis  

Dawn Bartzis
Dawn was born in England.  She moved to Canada 18 years ago, and currently lives downtown.  She is the groomer that comes in to groom dogs and cats every Thursday.  Before becoming a groomer, Dawn worked as a pharmacy technician.  Dawn has been a groomer the last seven years. 

Peace and quiet are Dawn’s favourite hobbies, but since she has four dogs, three cats and a rabbit she probably gets little time to indulge in her favourite hobby.

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